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huGs & kiSses-

This is the most amazing mother,
best friend, wife and woman I know

And it is also her birthday!!!!

My mom has been such a pivotal part of my life and I don't want to know what my life would be like without her. Whenever I am asked who I look up to or who I strive to be more like the first person that always come to mind is my mom.
Growing up, my mom was the one person who I aimed to impress, and was also the one person who could really discipline me and put me in my place (only when i really needed it). I really think that helped our relationship because she taught me that I need to respect her and I do more than anything! I remember a time back when I was little when my mom asked me to go find a book that I had been using and when I couldn't find it I just broke down in tears. That day I wanted SO MUCH to not disappoint my mom and I try to live my life now in a way that would not disappoint her either.
When we moved it was especially hard to be away from my mom since we would spend practically every day together. I remember when we first got to California, I kept on wondering who would I go shopping with!! My mom has been such an influence to so many lives, her piano and guitar students for one but our whole family and every one she meets!!

When I think about having children I hope I can raise them the way my mom did with us because the relationship we have is SO STRONG. It worries me that I won't be as great as my mom, I definitely have a lot to learn but I have the best teacher! They will definitely have the best "Grandma".
(when the time comes and who I'm sure will teach them some choice words) :)

I'm so happy I can be home to celebrate my mom's special day with her!! Love you mom, you are SO amazing!!!



  1. Oh Jamie, that is so sweet! Dont you worry, your are going to be an AMAZING mom! So glad you are home for a bit - loving it!

  2. So glad you could spend this time with your mom! But I have to say, I do miss you. We went to the Americana tree lighting tonight and I went to text you to tell you you had to come...and then I was sad cuz you're gone. Ps. I will not frequent the sample sale alone,come back!

  3. You do have a most amazing mom who is so strong and a great example to all of us! Just cover you future kids' ears when she lets loose with those special words. She can't help it- it's in her genetics!