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leGit laDy-

A few weeks ago while a bunch of us were at Disneyland I got a call from The Ellen Show telling me I had been chosen to be in the audience! The only catch was it was the HALLOWEEN episode so me and my party had to dress up in costume!

The only problem...I have NO Halloween costumes.

Brady's not particularly fond of dressing up so we really haven't done much for Halloween the past couple of years so I had no idea what I was going to wear!

We got to thinking and Mandy suggested Lady GAGA which I immediately thought would be perfect. The only problem was trying to find something modest since she wears leotards, fishnet tights, and meat dresses haha. I did some searching and found a dress that was only $18 (half off!!) that I could wear a shirt and leggings under. It was perfect!

We went to the WB Studio and had to get there 2 1/2 hours before the show started. There were SO many girls from our ward that had gotten tickets. While we were waiting they had workers coming around and looking at the costumes (trying to find the beset once since they did a top 10). Our ward totally swept the costume contest with 5 being from our ward!

Jamie (who was Russell from UP) won 2nd place in the costume contest and Lindsay (the tampax box) won 1st place!

We had car fresheners and cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Ashley (Ketchup) was chosen to play on the game and won a flat screen tv!

While we were waiting the workers also chose people to follow them back that would potentially get to play in the game! We had two girls from our group go back but Mandy stayed with them! They took those of us who were with the people that they had chosen and seated us in the audience, then followed by everyone else.

There was a guy in charge who was telling us how everything worked and turned on the music so we could start dancing! We were all dancing in our rows when this guy pointed me out and told me to come with him. I followed him down to the stage where he then announced "Lady GAGA" and went back into the row which left me on the stage by myself... to dance all by myself! It was so crazy! Thinking back on it now if I had time, I'm sure I would have totally freaked! So yes, I totally busted all my best moves in front of the whole show! It was so fun and since Mandy wasn't chosen to play in the game, they offered her free VIP tickets for todays show where Taylor Swift will be on. Ellen's Halloween show is going to air tomorrow (Friday). I think they got quite a few shots of our group dancing so look out for GAGA! I found this video of us online (I'm around the 0:20 mark)!


  1. Thanks SO much for not dressing up as a tampon box! :) Way to bust a move baby!

  2. Who are you and what have you done with my niece???

  3. Oh my HECK!! I am laughing out loud right now!! That is way too fun!

  4. It looks like you had SO much fun & you looked awesome. Your friend who went as Tampax is so brave. We will be watching for you today.

  5. Great Gaga costume! Where did you get that dress?

  6. Cassy! Of all places I got it at Hot Topic actually.. haha :)