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Bentley: 3 Months

Length: 24 3/4 Inches (90%)
Weight: 13.11 Pounds (75%)
Head Circumference: 41 Centimeters (50%)
(measurements taken at 2 1/2 months)

-Bentley has started discovering his hands, and now tries to suck on them at any possible chance. That is of course if the binky is not in sight. He is a
binky-a-holic! He will even resort to sucking on his blanket if he has to.

-He is such a good eater! Those legs are getting chunkier and chunkier :) and he loves to hold my hand while he eats.

-Bentley is super easy going. He only cries when he's seriously mad but most of the time he is happy.

- He loves going for walks! Every night Brady and I will go out and walk around the neighborhood and he is always looking around trying to take everything in the first lap and is completely out the 2nd lap.

-He still loves his swing but is probably going to be too big for it in the next month or two!

-Bentley is 1/2 pound lighter than our friends 6 month old. He's a big dude!

-Not a big fan of tummy time. He lasts only a few minutes before he goes into panic mode.

-Always smiles when I touch his bottom lip

-He watches very intently if you are speaking to him. He will then try to mimic you and curves his lips like he is trying to pronouce something.
Seriously my favorite.

-Bentley sleeps so good through the night. He started sleeping through the night around 8-9 weeks and now he is doing almost 10 hours every night. He may look nothing like me but one thing he got from his mama... he likes his sleep :)

-Hates being in the car! Almost always I have to pull over when running errands because his binky has fallen out.

-He loves to look at you through the mirror. I always know if he is crying I can take him up to the mirror and once he spots either himself or me he just starts smiling... oh my. The cutest smile in the world.

- He loves to be held. Which I love but it does make it hard to get anything done. I'm trying to take advantage of holding him as much as I can! 

-After I give him a bath I give him a little baby lotion massage and whenever I am doing his belly he always pushes it out really high.. haha it is so fun.

-Bentley is very camera shy! He is always smiling and is starting to laugh more and more but as soon as I pull out the camera, blank stare is almost all I can get!
-Loves bath time! He is always kicking those little feet to splash the water. 

-At night after I have fed him and swaddled him once I lay him in his bassinet he will always give me the biggest and cutest smile. It just makes me think he's saying I love you! Gets me every time.

Bentley has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. The most amazing blessing I have ever recieved. It is such a great reminder why I love our gospel so much. I love that I get to spend forever with this baby boo.

One thing that I love about being a stay at home mom is the opportunity I have to do impromptu photo sessions! Which happen pretty much on a daily basis.
It's a hard life when you're so cute! :)


Bentley: 4 Months


(As of 11/2/2012)

Our little dude turned 4 months on October 26th and wow, time is going way too fast! I wish I could stop time and keep him at this stage forever. Before we know it he will already be 6 months old!! One thing I am so grateful for is that we've been able to record some of our favorite moments and memories so that we can always remember them. Something that can never be replaced! We love him more than anything and he is our world. Brady and I talk a lot about how so much changes when you welcome a child into your family. The most amazing changes of course and it's so true that you never knew how much you could love until you have a child. We are taking advantage of every moment with our amazing little guy. Here are some of our favorite things about our boy! :)

The night Bentley turned 4 months we moved him to his crib! Oh my. It was a rough night for me! All I could think of was what if I can't hear him if he needs me. He seemed to be fine though and hasn't had any problems sleeping in his crib.

Bentley loves the word "Goo" and Brady's all time favorite sound ever is Bentley trying to say it back

Loves to hold my hand after I stick his binky in.

Nap time. Ughh... it's a work in progress! We put Bentley down for 2 naps a day. One at 10 and one at 2. He usually goes down pretty easily for the first one but the second is a whole different story! I usually find myself going in to replace his binky numerous times. And I try to not make eye contact or he just smiles at me and I feel bad for leaving him in there haha :) When I go into his room though and he sees me he will just kick his little legs like he is running a marathon. It is so adorable!

If I am holding him towards me he will just sit and stare at my eyes, and then brings his head down and kind of growls and tries to suck on my face. He will do it over and over like he's playing a game. It's so cute.

He hasn't quite figured out what his thumb is but he does love to suck on his two peace fingers at the same time.

Bentley can't stand the sun being on him while we are in the car. If he's screaming, sure enough there is just a small circle of light on like his hand or something. He pretty much melts down. That or starts sneezing and you know the sun is on him. Oh my, it gets me every time.
Bentley is still loving his swing and still fits (thank goodness). He's still not too sure about the play mat and it will usually only keep his attention for 10 minutes or so.

Loves to walk. If we hold him up at our knees he will walk his little way up to our shoulders and then we swing him down to the ground. He always smiles really big when we do that! Seriously this cute dude could do that for hours and be happy. Both Brady's and my arms started to get really sore so I ended up borrowing a friends play saucer in hopes that he would like it since he could walk around with it and he has loved it! He will walk himself in circles in that thing!

Bentley has some crazy messy hair and I love it! It has a mind of it's own and is just like Brady's! Brady's hair naturally goes off to the left and Bentley's goes off to the right. Bentley lost most of the hair on the left side of his head and it is now starting to grow back in! Its a light blonde/brown color that does have a hint of red. But don't tell Brady that ;)

Bentley is now getting to the point where his personality is coming through and it's been so fun to watch and see what kind of a personality he has. He is probably the most serious baby I have ever met! Most of the time he is in pretty deep concentration and very observant of what is going on around him and watching you move around the room. He is pretty stingy on his grins (especially when I try and take a picture) but when he gives them, he gives them good.

He almost always smiles when I say "Hey" or "What are you doing"

Loves Kip! Bentley loves just staring at him. In the morning I will hold him and he will try and pet him!

We got a Sophie the Giraffe toy for Bentley and every time I squeeze it, Kip comes running in. He thinks it's his toy! I think Bentley likes the fact that Sophie brings Kip to him more than he likes the actual toy :)

If we put Kip over Bentley while he is lying down on his back and set Kip's feet on his belly he just laughs and laughs. He loves it!

Bentley loves flicking his fingers back and forth on anything he can reach while I feed him.

Brady received the "sneezing gene" from his dad and Bentley is no exception! Whenever we go out into the sun Brady always sneezes and so does Bentley! It is seriously the cutest thing in the world! Like father like son :)

After bath time and while I am giving him a massage at night I sing to him I am a child of God. He is usually a little fussy but as soon as I start singing he is always really quiet and gives me cute grins and when Brady sings to him he always laughs.. Haha it's so cute!

Bentley hates when you rub his head! Especially during bath time and almost always cries.

He's very ticklish! His toes, thighs and underarms to be exact :)

At our 4th month checkup our doctor gave us the OK to start feeding Bentley rice cereal. I'm not sure why but I am so nervous to! So we haven't done it yet but I think we will soon. We're hoping that will help with him to be able to sleep longer in the night now that he is waking up much more often.

He is getting better at being in the car. He likes to be moving though so don't be caught dead at a red light!

If he is really sleepy his little hands will shake.

Bentley can only focus on pretty much one thing at a time. If I put him in his activity saucer and I put a binky in he won't play at all with the saucer toys and just sits there in deep concentration trying to keep his binky in!

I must have spoken too soon about Bentley being such a good sleeper. About the beginning of October our sleep routine fell apart and he suddenly started waking every couple of hours through the night! It was a rough month for eating as well and and he would have these crazy nursing strikes but we are slowly getting better every day (keeping my fingers crossed). I ended up taking him to the doctor and everything seemed to be fine and did not show signs of teething yet. Instead of feeding him on a 3 hour schedule we switched to a 4 hour schedule which has been working better for the both of us lately! It's been nice to have more time in between feedings!

I had been reading so much on what possibly could have been making Bentley so fussy and making his sleep suddenly be so bad and found that apparently there is a 4 month sleep regression. Which I completely think is what happened! Also I found so much saying that when they are working on something new developmentally it can affect their eating/sleeping which completely makes sence because on November 6th Bentley started rolling over! Oh my! I could hardly believe it but he did both back to tummy and tummy to back that day. I set him on his back on his play mat and looked over and he was suddenly on his tummy! We had him on the couch doing tummy time and he rolled to his back like 4 times in a row! The past couple of days (November 13th and 14th) during nap time I have heard him crying and will go into check on him and every time he is on his tummy. Quite frankly, I'm having a hard time keeping him on his back lately! It all hapened so fast and I'm hoping that is what all of the fuss was about :)


Hello lovelies! Is anyone else super ready for the weekend!? Brady has been studying night and day for his part 2 boards that he will be taking next month and they cannot come soon enough! Oh, and just a little teaser... next week I will be hosting an amazing 
Trust me, you won't want to miss it :)

I cannot believe our little guy is finally 1! Where did the time go? I honestly feel like we just had him and now he's talking, is going through a huge mama stage (not going to lie... I kinda love it), has 2 teeth (with 4 coming in any day), and is minutes away from walking! Could time please slow down?! His first year went so fast and we've been savoring every moment with him. I can honestly say it's been the best year of our lives. He is the greatest blessing. 

I had been planning for Bentley's 1st birthday since he was born (as I'm sure most moms are). There were so many great ideas I had found and so many things I wanted to do. Bentley's birthday was definitely a labor of love and I'm pretty sure I got a lot of slack from Brady that I was doing too much (I know, he's only 1) but, it was so worth it! Although I know he won't remember it, I will! And of course, we took lots of pictures so he will kind of remember it too ;)

Once I decided on the nautical theme for Bentley's 1st Birthday party, I knew we had to do his photo shoot on the beach! Bentley's nursery is a nautical theme (which I will be posting soon) so we were able to take a lot of pieces from that and incorporate it into his party! 

For his Birthday Photo Shoot, I ended up making this little sail boat for him to play in. I searched and searched and couldn't find any good tutorial on how to make a boat so, I just winged it. It is made from 2 boxes folded and glued together. Once it was all made, I spray painted it coordinating colors for his party and outfit. Easy peasy right!?!

We headed down to Laguna Beach on a Sunday afternoon hoping it would be less busy than a normal day (it was thank goodness).  With a full belly and everything set up, it was time to play!

 This post includes a gagillion of pictures. When I had gotten home I realized I had taken over 500 pictures while we were there and this is probably only 1/3rd of them! Believe me when I say I cut it down as much as I could but it's really hard when he's adorable in every single one!

Here are our top picks from Bentley's Nautical 1st Photo Shoot

Clearly, he takes his job pretty seriously.

I mean, how can you get much cuter!?

Dad gave him his first Gusher, he wasn't too sure about it!

That's a wrap!

We finally made it to Utah after a long 9 hour drive for our summer break! We will be spending the next 3 weeks here so Brady can prepare to take his part 2 dental boards in a couple of weeks. We will be so happy to have those over and after that, we're ready for graduation next May! I can hardly believe it's already been almost 4 years that we moved out to Los Angeles. I know I will miss it more than I can even explain. It's been such a blessing for our little family. I will forever cherish these years that we were in school! 

On to part 100 of Bentley's 1st birthday party... I'm totally kidding (but not really). We were going to have Bentley's party on the beach which in my head worked out great. But then I got to thinking and decided not to (thank goodness). We ended up having it at a little park by our house and it was absolutely perfect! These were the invites we sent out.

We served chicken salad croissants, goldfish cups, fruit skewers (with pineapple, blueberries, and marshmallows), cupcakes, sugar cookies, homemade caramels (from my friend Jenae), and lemonade! 

We included a little book where our friends could wish Bentley "Smooth Sailing"

Favors "For the Little Mates"



I ended up finding this adorable shower curtain at Target that totally went with the theme! It made the perfect back drop for our photo booth. I brought the boat we used in
so the babies could play and get pictures in it as well!

That face? Priceless!

It was the happiest of birthdays for our sweet little boy!