I cannot believe how long it's been since we have done a post. What is happening!? Well... I do have a good excuse, I promise! If you haven't heard the news already...

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We're Pregnant!

 To say that we're completely thrilled would be the biggest understatement ever. We are so excited for Bentley to be a big brother! With the combination of that, our moccs, switching Bentley from 2 to 1 naps (more on that later) and Brady finishing up his last semester in school... it's been a crazy few months. I will be sharing all of the details and missed moments soon :)
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A couple of months ago we were approached by the incredibly talented photographer

to do a family photo session with her. It was an offer we could not resist and what a dream it turned out to be! Would you believe it if I told you that these are first professional pictures that we've had taken of us since we got married? Crazy, I know! Obviously, we have no lack of pictures but it was so nice to just have someone else take them who knows exactly what they're doing. I was really worried about how these would turn out since Bentley literally had no nap that day and he was not in any mood for pictures once we arrived. We pretty much had fruit snacks on hand during every photo but somehow, Christy managed to capture the most perfect moments of us just being, us. The location was perfect. The lighting was perfect. Christy was beyond perfect! I was about 9 weeks pregnant when these were taken and we will forever cherish these pictures as being our first as a "family of four".

Notice fruit snacks below? ;)

I will love Christy forever for capturing this sweet moment. Without a doubt every time we say "Where did Bentley go?" this is his response. 

As I mentioned above, we are doing a 


Christy is being so sweet and is going to be giving away a free photo session to one lucky family. Seriously! It's almost too good to be true. ** Please note that Christy is located in Utah so if you live there, travel there, or would be willing to pack up your babes and go there (because who would pass that up) then this giveaway is just for you! You can find the full entry rules on our Instagram account. On top of that, Christy is being so generous and offering our followers 20% off on all of her sessions.  Just mention us when you schedule with her! :) Now head on over to Instagram and enter to win a free session for your family!

Christy Brown Photography


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Good luck ladies!! :)

Fourth Row

Fifth Row


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Christmas is only 6 days away and we just started wrapping! We're the worst! Better late than never, right?! I am loving this Christmas so much already. Bentley will be 18 months on the 26th and he is just mesmerized by the Christmas spirit! Aren't we all? This christmas is going to be so much fun we can hardly wait. Bentley has never really ever unwrapped a gift.... that speaks for itself! We chose to go with neutral craft wrapping paper and bright tags for a pop.

I mean, really?! How cute are these tags! I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them! 
Happy wrapping girls!


We finally made it to Utah for our Christmas Break and we are having so much fun being with family and friends! We are also freezing.... but that's another story for another day. :) 
Christmas is just around the corner (1 week to be exact) and to say that we are excited would be the understatement of the century. 
We are ecstatic!
Let the Christmas Countdown begin!

Bentley is getting to be such a fun age. His personality is really starting to show and we are having the best time ever. Last week I posted a picture on Instagram of Bentley checking out his stocking. He knew exactly which one of his! He got those smart genes from dad ;) Oh, and don't mind my blurry Bentley pictures from now on. We have officially entered "that stage" where Bentley can't sit still for longer than 2 seconds. Always keeping me on my toes this one!

I made our stockings last Christmas. It was Bentley's 1st Christmas and up until then we had never invested in stockings. I know, I'm not sure what we were thinking! I really wanted something that was going to be uniform for our family, but still personalized and individual for each member! I took my idea to my mom and we went to work. 

I am going to apologize now that my directions may be very confusing! This DIY was a bit more advanced and initially I needed my mom to help me through it. Thank goodness for my mom, she is pretty much amazing. It's always nice to have another person to talk my ideas out to. Love her!

Upholstery Burlap
Cream Muslin
Sewing Machine || Cream Thread
Hand Stitching Needle
Full Sheet Labels

How to make a Burlap Stocking

My mom had a stocking on hand and I liked the shape so all I did was flip it inside out and traced around it. If you do not have a stocking already, google "stocking outline" and there are tons of options available for you to print off and trace. You will need to cut out two stocking shapes (front & back) for 1 stocking. I also lined my stockings with muslin so you will need to do the same with your muslin fabric. 

The reason I chose Upholstery Burlap was because it is so thick. I didn't want our stockings to fall apart after 1 year and fray like regular burlap tends to do. I wanted these babies to last for a looong time!

Match up a burlap and muslin piece together.

Pin the burlap and muslin and you're ready to sew! Using a basting stitch, I sewed these 
with a 1/4 " seam allowance.

Once you have the burlap and muslin based together, pin right sides together, and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance. 

I chose to reinforce this seam using a zig zag stitch between my straight stitch seams, then graded (trimmed) my seam allowance to get rid of bulk. 

Next, you will need to fold down, pin and finish the top edge of the stocking to keep it from fraying. 

Boy Stocking
For a boy stocking, you will need to cut a strip of fabric 10" by the width of your piece of fabric. This will give you enough pleated material for 2 stockings.

On one of the long edges (this will be the back side), fold over a 1/4" seam and press that all along the long edge. 

Turn your fabric to the right side and using a seam gauge measure out your pleats. I did pleats that measured 1". Press as you go along the length of your fabric.

My boy stocking had 4 pleats all measuring 1".

On your 4th pleat, fold down the bottom edge and press 

Wrap and pin the pleated fabric around the top of your finished stocking. Leave yourself enough fabric on the back side of the stocking to fold over the unfinished edge. Make sure this finished edge is on the back of the stocking so there is no visible seam on the front.

Top stitch the pleated fabric to the top edge of the stocking. Finally, you will need to pin and stitch the back of the pleats to the back of the stocking. The picture below is the completed boy stocking from the back side.

Girl Stocking

Cut 2 strips of muslin 5" by the width of the fabric. I chose to use 2 ruffles at the top of my girl stockings. This will give you enough ruffled fabric for 1 stocking (if you choose to do 2 ruffles).

Fold the strip in half the length of the fabric and stitch the unfinished edge at 1/4" seam allowance.

 Turn this long tube right side out and press.

 Using a sewing machine basting stitch or alternately a needle and thread by hand, run a basting stitch down the center of your tube of fabric. Gently gather your fabric pulling the basting thread to create your ruffles. 

Once you have ruffled the length of your fabric, pin and adjust along the top edge of your stocking. Attach the ruffle to the stocking by stitching on the center basting stitch using that as a guide.

You may need to hand stitch the 2nd ruffle down. I was able to do it on my sewing machine but it was pretty awkward with it being so far down the stocking! 

Personalized Names

I wish I had taken a picture of this when I had done it (duh, what was I thinking) but I will try to explain this as best as I can!

I cut a piece of muslin to 8.5" x 11". I attached that piece of muslin to a Full Label sheet (it is sticky on one side) and ran the muslin through the printer with our names! You will want to do a test page on a blank piece of paper before you actually print your names on your muslin. Once I had my names printed on the muslin, I cut my name patches to approximately 1.5" x 4". Finally, you will need to hand stitch the name patches to the stocking! 

And there you have it, personalized stockings for the girly girls and the handsome dapper men! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need any clarification! 

Happy Holidays ladies!