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Ice & Lights

We finally made it back to Cali after the best Christmas and Thanksgiving break. We drove back on Saturday knowing that if we tried to drive on Sunday the traffic would be horrible and boy were we right! Brady spoke to another 1st year who drove from Las Vegas to LA, which normally takes about 3 1/2 hours and it took him 15 HOURS to get home!! It's kind of weird to think that we are finally back here, and onto our second semester! Only 10 more to go :). We have been having so much fun out here and making some really great friends that we love so much!! So much has been going on and I of course, have been lacking in the blogging area so I honestly told myself that I had to sit here and couldn't move until I had an update! This at least is a start :)

While we were back in Utah I worked some at the office but after Thanksgiving I decided to come back with Brady while he took his finals. I didn't get to spend much time with him since he was either at school all day (he didn't get home until 1 a.m. one night :O) or him and Stew (another 1st year) were here studying at our place till 1 a.m. Luckily, we were able to have a couple of date nights... to the school!

The very official name plate

This is Brady's eternal patient John... and it appears that his ear is in need of some work as well

It was good to see my babe show off his skills and I have a feeling it won't be the last time I'm there! Since we weren't really at our place at all for Christmas I opted on not putting up a Christmas tree which I'm sure Brady LOVED since he didn't have to do it all (haha) but I knew I had to at least get this up!

Love this wreath! Love the price even more! My mom and I found it for a steal after Christmas last year and have been waiting to put it up for one whole year... it was a tough year. Our door feels SO empty without it now. I guess I'll just have to find something to replace it with :)

Right after finals we headed straight back to Utah although unsure of how our trip would be. We had both of the animals and from my past experiences... cats don't do well in cars. It started out a little rocky with kitty trying to claw his way out of the kennel but after we opened the door up, it was smooth sailin'! They both had an enjoyable time... right on my lap! What a life.

That next day we were able to attend Lance and Allie's wedding. It was such a beautiful day and they are the most beautiful couple EVER!

Us at the Temple waiting for them to come out :)

Me with my two beautiful nieces!!! Love these girls!

A week before Christmas I received a call from a job that I had applied for asking if I could come in for an interview! Not wanting to pass up an opportunity for a possible job we decided to make a trip out of it and came back to Cali with Brady's brother Greg and his girlfriend Sky. While we were back in town we went to The Americana, which is a lot like The Gateway up in Salt Lake. They had it all decorated for Christmas and it was absolutely stunning! It's hard to not get into the Christmas spirit after being there.

The pout*

The day before we left for Utah we all decided to go out to San Diego! We haven't been out there since we've moved so we were all really excited. While we were driving we caught sight of the San Diego Temple which is right off the side of the freeway so we decided to stop and walk around. What a beautiful temple!

They had it all decorated for Christmas...

even the palm trees! I definitely wish we had been able to see it at night!

The world is so small when you are a member!! While we were walking around I ran into a guy who had worked in our office in Utah. We also ran into a couple of sister missionaries who knew my cousin that served a mission there not too long ago. We were told by the sister missionaries of the Mormon Battalion Site in Old Town. It was amazing! It was recently redone and is definitely something to see if you are there. We were led around by a sister missionary who we later found out was from Lehi and was serving with a girl I went to high school with. She turned Brady into a good lookin' Army Man. So priceless :)

I want to say they have the Master and Commander ship docked in San Diego... I'm not sure if this is it or not but it is such a cool boat!

This is the USS Midway Aircraft carrier that you can actually tour. We heard it takes about 3 hours to go through the whole thing so we didn't do it this time but we will have to go back and go through!

On our way home we stopped in Vegas to check out Bellagio's Christmas decorations! You could tell they definitely put a lot into making it beautiful!

These bears are actually made out of real flowers... crazy!

Such a fun trip to get us into the Christmas spirit!

More updates to come :)


(someone might need to give me a call to remind me that you all need updates!)




  1. I think that old-timey ship is the Star of India. It doesn't really get out much anymore, but they let elementary school kid have overnight field trips--or at least they did when I was in elementary school. It's super cool. =]

    All these pictures are so cute!

  2. Looks like you 2 are having a great time in CA! It's really good to get an update!

  3. This was a nice post baby - just wish you two, and kip, and dash were closer! We miss you!

  4. Time to update. Since you've moved and all. Let Brady take a swing at some creative writing, he was saying how good he is in the car today.

  5. Gosh I know.. I'm working on it! I will have to see if I can get brady to write on this :)