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Summer Dayz-

OKAY! It’s official. I am horrible at keeping up on this (as if you couldn’t already tell :P). Things have been so busy as of late I don’t even know where to start! Brady has been busy studying every day, all day, and all night getting prepared for this DAT. He ended up taking the monstrous 5 hour test this past Tuesday and is not satisfied with the score he received. We were hoping to finally be able to enjoy the summer break but… it doesn’t look like that will be so! So now back to studying begins and he is going to re-take it in October. We applied to around 15 schools anywhere from New York to L.A.! This next week is going to be really crazy. We are going camping in Bryce Canyon for a couple of days which for those of you who know how much Brady LOVES camping, looks like I’m in for a lot of work! About a month or so ago we were invited to go camping with a couple friend of ours just for one night, not that bad! We got up there and set everything up and continued the night by the fire and went to bed. The next morning Brady and I wake up and as soon as I get up I am rolling up my sleeping bag, deflating my pad and rolling it up, just getting everything done. All the while, Brady is kinda attempting to shove his sleeping bag into the pouch which obviously didn’t work. He then attempts to roll it up like sideways and any other sort of way he can think of, which again didn’t work. Then it dawns on me, does my husband not know how to roll up a sleeping bag?!?!?! So I’m like OKAY, this is how you roll up a sleeping bag. Fold in the middle, start from the bottom and roll it up as tight as you can so by the time you get to the top it is small enough to fit in the bag right! The whole enchilada haha. He tries it a first time, second time, third time, and still no luck. By that time I’m just like okay, just give me your sleeping bag. I get it rolled up and am taking everything to the car and on my way back I notice the other couple with us. Amanda is standing by the fire (it was really cold) and Robbie is putting all their stuff away. Then I’m like HMM, FUNNY, Shouldn’t I be hanging out with Amanda and doing that to?! We finally get back home and I decide to go over to my mom’s house. When I get there she asks how everything was and asks if she can see the pictures that I was supposed to take! I ended up with no pictures of this priceless moment since I was so busy working haha but looking back on it, it was pretty funny! So I guess you could say I’m excited/worried about how this time around will be. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some great pictures! We’re going to try our best to break Brady in. We considered sending him out with Kent for a while which should do the trick haha. :) I will let you know if he survives!!!!




  1. That's a great visual! You go, girl!

  2. Good girl! I'm proud of you! Brady is a smart boy- he'll catch on quickly!

  3. Oh Brady ~ we are going to have so much fun! :)

  4. hey jamie!!! it's ariana! i have a blog too now!