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I'm usually an early riser (now) which does get on my nerves sometimes. On any given day before I had gotten married I could have slept in until probably 11:00 a.m. (which sounds pretty nice right now). On one occasion, the day I got home from a week at EFY, I went to my moms house and fell asleep around 3:00 p.m and to mine and everyone else's amazement I didn't wake up at all until 7:30 A.M the next morning. All I can say is those beds must have been REALLY bad! For those of you who don't know, my Brady has Chron's Disease which causes his stomach to hurt usually nights and early mornings so I've now come to the conclusion that since he wakes up early, that is what has caused me to be an early riser now. I can even usually get away with not setting an alarm since I know that I will wake up before I need to be somewhere. We have however had one experience where that wasn't the case that I remembered this morning and that was pretty interesting! It was the night of the 4th of July after Lynde, Kasey, Brady and I had gotten back from the *Stadium of Fire*, and we met up with 2 more of our couple friends (Hooray for more couple friends!!!) to hang out. Us girls doing the usual girl talk, with an occasional "Oh yeah, so my period started and..." when the guys came around and the guys playing some casual pool. The past few nights before we had been getting in later than usual (I probably would go to bed at 9 if I could) so by then it was really catching up to us. We got home fairly late, probably around 12:30 or 1:00 and we both crashed. In the mornings I can usually tell when Brady wakes up because he will grab his phone to check the time. That was the case this morning and as usual I asked "Babe, what time is it?". He took longer to answer and when he did he said "You don't wanna know." Confused by his answer I asked again what the time was. Needless to say it was 11:45 and our church starts at 11 and we're also Primary Teachers so this called for DRASTIC getting ready! I can only think of one possible way that this could have happened and Brady told me after the fact that before he had gone to bed he had taken a sleeping pill (which would definitely explain it)! I've never had much luck with sleeping aides but apparently they work really well on Brady! It was a crazy thing and still to this day it boggles my mind, I can't believe that it actually happened!!

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