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Finally, what everyone has been waiting for! 2 lucky ladies will be receiving an amazing Covered Goods nursing cover. I want to thank everyone for their entries, you are all so sweet and I wish you all could have won! 
Congratulations ladies! Please e-mail me your information so we can get you your cover. And don't fret if you didn't win this time, more amazing giveaways to follow! I promise :)

As for us, this will be my view for the afternoon... summer doesn't get any better!

Enjoy your weekend weekend ladies! :)


  1. Doheny! We've been wanting to make it down there for the longest time! Might have to add it to our Summer Bucket List. :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. ahh bummer well congrats to the two winners!! hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Congrats to the winners!
    Have a lovely weekend, Jamie!

  4. that's a great photo and congratulations to the winner

    do join my giveaway (:
    join my relaunch GIVEAWAY. win juicy couture and make up

  5. Doheny is where I spent SO many childhood days camping. I have SO many fantastic memories there :)

  6. I am obsessed with your blog design! SO CUTE!!!!!!