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{June 29, 2012}

Our first day at home. I can't believe and am already having a hard time remembering how tiny Bentley was... he doesn't even fit into this bassonette anymore!


Getting his first bath at home! If you can't tell, he wasn't too thrilled about the whole idea.




{July 1, 2012}

Brady's parents came to visit and it was so fun for them to meet our little guy.


Where'd this googly eyed boy go!?



{July 2, 2012}



For the longest time he had this little flap of skin on his upper lip. And he always had his hands to his face! Just like all of our ultrasounds :)


{July 4, 2012}

We celebrated our first Fourth of July as a family of 3 with all of the fixings. Corn on the cob, steaks, and finished everything off with banana cake! It was so yummy :)

We finished off the night watching movies and listening to the fireworks. We couldn't help but notice Bentley was making these strange noises, it was so funny! You can kind of hear them in the video below :)

{July 8, 2012}

Getting cuddles from my boy


{July 9, 2012}

My mom and I flew back to Utah to let Brady study for his boards (which he totally passes... whoo hoo!!) Bentley did soo good on the flight. Better than I ever could have hoped for!

{July 10, 2012}

Meeting grandpa for the first time


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