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Our days in the Hospital...

It's so hard to believe that Bentley is 4 months old... Where has the time gone!?! Since Bentley has been born I've been spending all my time torturing him with non stop photo op's  (it's a hard life when you're so cute) and may or may not have taken like ten thousand pictures. I have been doing my best to organize them when I have time... so here is some backtracking of what the last 4 months have looked like! :)

Our days in the hospital following Bentley's arrival were life changing? Yes. A little stressful? Yes. But truly so amazing!!! I was really worried about having to learn everything. Being the baby of my family I never fully got the opportunity to take care of babies and always felt a bit uncomfortable. I was always worried I would hurt them! So needless to say... I was worried! But once we got all settled into our room it was just us and our little guy.. it came so naturally. Our first night in the hospital, Bentley's carrier was just next to my bed. I could hardly believe he was real. I didn't get much sleep (not only because he needed to be fed every 3 hours) but I just couldn't stop thinking about him. I remember just looking at him for hours, completely in awe of how amazing he was. There are truly no words to describe what a sureal experience it is to be with your baby for the first time. I kept on wondering how is he going to survive out in the world and not my belly! He was (and is) such a great baby and hardly cried... we are so blessed to have such an amazing little guy!

IMG_0681 hospital IMG_0701_1



I think we're a little worn out... haha :)


Daddy son bonding

IMG_0695_12 IMG_0683_1

This clock. I swear my life revolved around this clock.


We waited and waited and finally around 10:00 on Thursday June 28th we were able to go home!!! We were a little worried about how Kip would react to having Bentley around. We were pleasantly surprised... they have been best buddies ever since! :)

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