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Bentley: 3 Months

Length: 24 3/4 Inches (90%)
Weight: 13.11 Pounds (75%)
Head Circumference: 41 Inches (50%)
(measurements taken at 2 1/2 months)

-Bentley has started discovering his hands, and now tries to suck on them at any possible chance. That is of course if the binky is not in sight. He is a
binky-a-holic! He will even resort to sucking on his blanket if he has to.

-He is such a good eater! Those legs are getting chunkier and chunkier :) and he loves to hold my hand while he eats.

-Bentley is super easy going. He only cries when he's seriously mad but most of the time he is happy.

- He loves going for walks! Every night Brady and I will go out and walk around the neighborhood and he is always looking around trying to take everything in the first lap and is completely out the 2nd lap.

-He still loves his swing but is probably going to be too big for it in the next month or two!

-Bentley is 1/2 pound lighter than our friends 6 month old. He's a big dude!

-Not a big fan of tummy time. He lasts only a few minutes before he goes into panic mode.

-Always smiles when I touch his bottom lip

-He watches very intently if you are speaking to him. He will then try to mimic you and curves his lips like he is trying to pronouce something.
Seriously my favorite.

-Bentley sleeps so good through the night. He started sleeping through the night around 8-9 weeks and now he is doing almost 10 hours every night. He may look nothing like me but one thing he got from his mama... he likes his sleep :)

-Hates being in the car! Almost always I have to pull over when running errands because his binky has fallen out.

-He loves to look at you through the mirror. I always know if he is crying I can take him up to the mirror and once he spots either himself or me he just starts smiling... oh my. The cutest smile in the world.

- He loves to be held. Which I love but it does make it hard to get anything done. I'm trying to take advantage of holding him as much as I can! 

-After I give him a bath I give him a little baby lotion massage and whenever I am doing his belly he always pushes it out really high.. haha it is so fun.

-Bentley is very camera shy! He is always smiling and is starting to laugh more and more but as soon as I pull out the camera, blank stare is almost all I can get!
-Loves bath time! He is always kicking those little feet to splash the water. 

-At night after I have fed him and swaddled him once I lay him in his bassinet he will always give me the biggest and cutest smile. It just makes me think he's saying I love you! Gets me every time.

Bentley has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. The most amazing blessing I have ever recieved. It is such a great reminder why I love our gospel so much. I love that I get to spend forever with this baby boo.

One thing that I love about being a stay at home mom is the opportunity I have to do impromptu photo sessions! Which happen pretty much on a daily basis.
It's a hard life when you're so cute! :)



















  1. He is such a cute little guy! I love that first picture so much! It's so neat to hear about all his little quirks and special moments with you! Being a mom is the greatest!

  2. Can't wait . . . one week from now I'll get to smother him with kisses!

  3. I love all the photos of Bentley - he's sooooo cute!