Far Away-

Every year the girls in our family will go on a girls weekend which usually consists of lots of shopping, eating out, and crafts! For this year’s outing, we had the opportunity to spend our Labor Day weekend up at my Uncle Scott and Aunt Catherine’s beautiful LODGE (haha) and spent a good four days in the mountains with no cell phones or TV’s and just each other to keep company. I’m going to have to thank my Aunts aka "The Paparazzi" for most of the pictures on here, they took some really great ones!! The first day we spent lots of time working on the stitching project my mom brought. My "Speed Stitcher" Aunt Barbra finished hers pretty much immediatley and left us all in the dust! I have now finished the one I was working on and am now on my second. Who knew I liked stitching so much!! It’s something that will definitely keep me busy while Brady is studying!

On Sunday we went back into town which took about an hour or so and went to church. On our way back we found the most happenin place in Fairfield...:P

My Aunt Catherine (who is the Queen at making the most adorable cards) put together kits of cards for us to make. They turned out amazing and I'm not really sure I'm wanting to give them away since their so cute!

"Over the River, and Through the Woods" we went!

Or maybe, THROUGH the river :)

There were a couple of horses up there with us which Barbra particularly enjoyed. We found out that they have a sweet spot for grilled corn on the cob.

Aunt Catherine took us all on rides through the area.

What a perfect way to end the perfect trip