Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this year, we will be hosting our very first feast. Yikes! Anyone have any words of advice for me?! I'll be honest I'm a little nervous, but way more excited to do it at our home. We will be dressing up our table with lots of gold and burlap. My fall favorites :). This morning I am sharing the full tutorial for our burlap utensil holders over on the amazing blog Sweet Little Peanut! Your company will think you spent hours making these but they are so easy! Check back for lots more Thanksgiving goodies to come. Next week I will be sharing what we're doing especially for the kiddos :) Happy Thursday ladies!


  1. Love this!! So pretty! I am sure everything will turn out great!!!

  2. I just cannot imagine hosting a Thanksgiving meal -- GO YOU! :) You'll do great, seriously! I loooove those utensil holders, too. I'll have to check out the DIY!