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If there's one thing you don't know about my husband Brady, he is a chocoholic! If I said I wasn't either, well I'd be completely lying. We love chocolate in our house! 
{definitely not an understatement}
This year I decided to go with a "chocolate" theme. Brady requested double chocolate cupcakes with none other than chocolate icing! We had company leaving as well as coming into town on the day of Brady's birthday so everything was very intimate. 

The birthday boy! We love him so much. Even if he is getting sooo old... ;)

We had so much fun celebrating this guys birthday! I mean really, what would a birthday be without a mini photo session? I couldn't resist! The tassels we used in our photos were made by the amazing Chelsea from

Not only are these tassels incredibly gorgeous, they can be used over and over and over again. From photo shoots to parties, the possibilities are endless. YES! Run over and check her shop out, she is so talented!

Bentley loves balloons and thought it was hilarious when we clipped the balloon to his pants. You won't regret trying it... I promise!

Those pouty lips!!! I just die.


  1. GAH!!! Ya'll are all so cute!!! When did Brady turn 27? My birthday was on the 4th and I turned 27 also, geez, I feel a little old as well! ;) As always, I love your pics and that Balloon is AMAZING!! I love how big it is! SO fun!

  2. What a perfect day. Happy Birthday to your mister!

  3. Oh my gosh, I could not stop laughing when I saw the first pick of the balloon pinned to his pants!!! Best picture ever! And I'm sure you get told this ALL THE TIME, but just couldn't not compliment you on how freaking pretty you are? Like did you grow a human inside that petite body?

  4. What an awesome day!! You and your family look amazing (as always)!! Loved the balloon pictures!

  5. Happy Birthday to Brady!! LOVE these pictures so much!

  6. What a beautiful family!!! Your boy is just too much! The pic of him and daddy looking at each other is gorgeous!!

  7. how fun! not to mention too dang cute!

  8. So cute! Your cupcakes look amazing!! I am quite the chocolate freak myself. ;)

  9. Those desserts look amazing! I'm impressed by how patient your husband is, I don't think my hubby indulge me in such a photoshoot-haha! You guys all look great!