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Missed Moments: October & November

We've been having so much fun and I realized there is so much I have missed updating you guys on. Here are some of our favorite missed moments :)

We took Bentley to Sea World for his first time! I had gone to Sea World with my dad a few weeks before I had Bentley but we hadn't been back since. It was so fun to take my boys with me this time and it was a blast even though Bentley really didn't know what was going on. I It's been so great for us to have so many fun things so close to us!
Lots of days at the pool, Bentley showing off his amazing bed-head, and sporting a mustache onsie on our walk!
Bentley Got his first haircut! I almost cried because I was so sad after I did it. But it ended up being a good thing! He now has super thick hair! Just like his daddy :)
Bentley figured out how to roll over!! It scared me for the longest time but now we have a hard time keeping him on his back!

We celebrated Bentley's first Thanksgiving! Having fun playing with Grandma trying to eat the Christmas ornaments :)


  1. So sweet I love that you are recapping. Your baby is so cute!!

  2. Is that your mom? She looks like Farrah Fawcett. I don't know if I'm spelling that correctly. :) Fun pictures and your baby looks like a miniature man. He's super cute. Yes, conference was wonderful as usual. Glad you were able to catch it. Love,

    Shauna xo

  3. Awesome post , your lil one is so adorable , thank you for sharing .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  4. I love the mustache onsie :) & his facial expressions are so funny!!

  5. I love how Bentley looks like such a little man. Super cute!

  6. He's such a stinkin' cutie! His eyes melt my heart. It's unreal.

  7. what a cutie! love his hair in the first picture of the montage!

    Sisters Marie
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  8. I love sea world. You are so lucky to live so close. And a first haircut? How cute. We are just now thinking about cutting Matix's hair.

  9. Your little boy is so cute! I'm a new follower. :-)

  10. My gosh look at all that hair of his! What a little cutie!

  11. So jealous of the sea world pics! I've never been, but it looks like so much fun. And your little Bently is such a cutie pie!! I just love that little moustache onsie :)

  12. Sea world is the absolute best! Darling pictures, once again!