Valentines Day Prep

A couple matters of business first! For those of you wondering what kind of blender I would recommend for {this smoothie}, as well as what I use to make Bentley's baby food (which will be coming shortly) I use this baby! 

Blendtec Blenders (sold at Costco) are amazing and they never ever disappoint. We got ours as a wedding gift from my parents, one of the best gifts ever I might add! I mean its like having Jamba Juice at your house, and who wouldn't love that? Speaking of Jamba Juice, every day this past week their smoothies have been $1. This morning I picked up 5! Don't judge. I'm stocking up! ;)

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Valentine's Day started exactly 16 days ago at our house. I decided I wanted to surprise Brady with a sweet treat Valentine every day leading up to Valentine's Day. It was kind of cliche walking up to him every day saying, "Happy Valentine's Day!" but he thought it was cute (thank goodness right!?) I think we have a new tradition :) I wish I had taken pictures of them all but here are a few

A couple of days before Valentine's Day we met up with a bunch of other moms in our ward to do a gift exchange!

This is what we ended up with. Unfortunately for Bentley, he doesn't eat chocolate. Fortunately for me, I do! :)


  1. Will it blend?? We have a Blendtec too, and it's the best. I don't put green stuff in our smoothies, but I am a crazy fruit smoothie fool! Love your Valentines idea- and what kind of ward puts together a V-day gift exchange?? Puts my ward to shame...

  2. My parents have that blender and it is AMAZING. I hope to have one someday! $1 smoothies!? I missed out!

  3. Jamie, you are SO gorgeous! Seriously, like a movie star!! I wish we had made it to that gift exchange, but I wasn't feeling so hot that day, so I totally missed out!

    Also, totally not judging for the 5 smoothies. WORTH IT.

  4. LOVE the treat idea! I'm totally doing that for my husband next year! And I might have to come up with something fun like that for my baby... she'll be just over a year old and would probably love the surprises! (But I'll have to come up with something other than candy ha ha!)

  5. I had a blender that I LOVED, but it broke a few weeks ago! :( I feel lost without it! Might have to check Costco out for a replacement! And I love that treat idea - so cute!!

  6. What great ideas!! You are just beautiful and your son is darling!

  7. I think that's so super cute. I hid 14 Valentine's around the house for the husband to find this year and I loved it. It's definitely a fun tradition in the making. And I'll have to check out that blender!! We need a good one.

  8. Ha, well it's definitely a plus for you! Mmm, chocolate sounds so good right about now!
    xo TJ

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  10. What a cute idea this gift exchange. (I ate a ton of the boys' Valentine's day candy) :-)

  11. What a lovely pictures!! Your son is a cutie!!


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  13. Nice post.Just found your blog today.New follower here.


  14. Adorable pictures!

    I'm in need of a blender... I'll have to check that one out!

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  15. OOOKKKAAAYYY, WHERE do you find those mini Big Hunks? That is my favorite candy and I have only ever seen the big bars! You have such a cute family!

  16. I need to get one of those blenders, I love the "will it blend?" videos, haha.
    Your little valentine's notes are cute :)

  17. I'm in need of a blender! I will have to check this one out!



  18. those candies are so creative! I can never think of anything to do for valentine's day, so I may need to bookmark those ideas :)

  19. That is such a cute idea with the candy! Love it!
    If you're interested in participating, I nominated you on my blog! www.staceyanndesigns.blogspot.com

  20. This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. I m absolutely excited to get to read such a well blog.

  21. LOVE the treat idea! I'm totally doing that for my husband next year! And I might have to come up with something fun like that for my baby..