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Happy Friday!

My days now consist of the following:

1. Walking a few miles in the morning before work (that is, if I can even roll our of bed)
2. Leaving for work at 8:30 and getting home around 6:30
3. Eating anything and everything possible. Okay, maybe not! My daily lunch staples consist of string cheese and yogurt (not together). But by the end of the day I always have to have something cold like frozen grapes or blueberries, or ya know a bowl of ice cream will work too... :)
4. Elevating my feet for as long as possible to undo the damage (swelling) I did from walking in the morning. My ankles have been completely swallowed by my skin. I am getting edema pretty bad and can now mold my legs like memory foam. It is actually pretty horrifying.

Please don't mind me and my extremely large self. 
The countdown is officially on.. only FOUR more weeks. 
Whoo hoo!!

After I took this picture it reminded me of a conversation I had with Brady before I was pregnant that went something like this. 

Brady looking at my feet. "Babe, are your feet swollen"?
Me: Umm... no. They are always that big

Haha.. oh how I love him. Now he has a real idea of what it looks like when my feet are swollen :)

Goodbye toes.. I will see you in a month!!


  1. Love your blog!! You are so gorgeous... your bump is adorable! :)

  2. Ha! I love that last picture! I wish I had looked as cute as you when I was pregnant.
    I hated all the swelling in the third trimester. My wedding ring didn't fit for like the last two months...and it didn't fit again until like last week! It was an exciting moment for me haha.

  3. You are the cutest pregnant lady around! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little boy!

  4. Hang in there, girl! You don't have long now!

  5. 4 more Weeks, 4 more Weeks, 4 more Weeks! You can do this baby! It will all be worth it, and you are beautiful :)

  6. You will walk out of the hospital with skinnier ankles.....I PROMISE!

  7. you look awesome! just remember (this helped me) that when the baby is out and you look down, you will see yourself at 5 months pregnant. It was quite a shock to me despite everyone telling me so, but the swelling goes down pretty quickly, though it still took me 12 weeks before I could wear my ring again (sad face). I'm so excited for you guys!!!!! Bentley is one lucky baby boy!

  8. your baby bump is absolutely precious!!! where is that dress from? in love!
    xo TJ

    1. TJ! I actually got it from Old Navy :) They still might have it there too if you go soon!