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False Alarm: #1

Okay, I seriously hope this is the only false alarm that we have.

It all started the night of June 12th. After work I had a baby shower thrown for B and I from our amazing ward. We are so lucky. Everyone was so generous and we recieved so many great gifts. Love them!! About halfway through the baby shower I started noticing some "pressure" and on my way home I started noticing some pain but didn't think much of it. When I got home Brady was studying with his friend Stewart and it's so funny to look back on it now but when I got home I was telling Brady that we needed to get our hospital bag packed and the car seat set up in the car. Ya know... just in case. He then proceeded to tell me we have lots of time. Really? Really!?Like a few hours!?!?!Anyways, I put away all of the gifts we received and we went to bed. 

Now, sleeping hasn't been amazing as of the last few weeks. I've been really lucky that it's only begun now because wow, do I need my sleep! I feel as if my body is preparing me for little to no sleep when this little guy comes and now have to get up to use the bathroom a few times. So, as usual I got up around 3:30 and noticed I was having contractions. A lot of them. I was having a hard time falling back asleep so I decided I would start counting and timing them. Sure enough they were every five minutes on the dot. With a few that were a couple of minutes apart. Now, I have had a lot of contractions to begin with but they have never been consistent in time (probably one every 15 minutes or so) and at this point they were not hurting. Every time I go to my doctor she makes sure to remind me that if I have more than 10 in the hour, that we need to go to the hospital. Even if they aren't hurting. I continued to count and in just over an hour, I had 21. I really didn't want to go and started contemplating if I should wake Brady up and decided that I probably should. I told him what was going on and we decided we would head over. We hardly grabbed anything, since our bag wasn't packed and were on our way. 

When we arrived at the ER, there were only a couple of people there and within 5 minutes they were taking us to the Labor & Delivery Triage. They proceeded to hook me up to their monitors and checked my dilation which was still at 1 1/2 cm. They called my doctor and she asked them to monitor me for the next 2 hours to see if the contractions continued and to check my dilation to see if it had progressed. Sure enough, after those two hours my contractions remained every 3-5 minutes and when they checked my dilation I was measuring between 2- 2 1/2 cm. The nurses called my doctor again and she told them to admit us for labor! At this point, Brady and I were both blindsided. Dumb founded. Whatever you want to call it! How could this be happening? I feel like we'd done SO much, at least all that we could have done to mentally prepare ourselves for this moment. But there is nothing that could have prepared us for the moment they tell you that you are checking into Labor and having your baby today. 

Brady then started calling all of our family and my work to let them know what was going on. I can honestly say that I have never in my life seen Brady as nervous as he was. I knew that he was seriously scared when he was on the phone with my mom and told her he needed her here, and was almost in tears. 

While Brady was making calls, the nurse came in and drew my blood and hooked me up to the IV. After they finished, we were taken to our Labor and Delivery room. Once getting all settled in, our nurse came in to go over all of the paperwork with us. I asked her at least 5 times "Is this really happening today" and she kept on saying "Yes. You guys are having your baby today." I was completely in shock. I wasn't expecting it to be anything like that. I wasn't even in pain! They hooked me up to pitocin which helps to induce the labor and speed the process along. My contractions continued every 3-5 minutes and were now starting to get stronger than they had been. After leaving me on pitocin for a few hours they checked my dilation again and I was still a 2-2 1/2. My nurse called my doctor to let her know what was going on. She asked her to take us off of the pitocin and to check me in a few of hours to see if I dilated any more. After the 3 hours they checked and sure enough, I was still stuck at the same place. Now at this point Brady and I were both so confused. How could this not be progressing!? Our nurse called our doctor again and she ended up stopping by the hospital. When she arrived she told us that they checked us in for labor and hooked me up to the pitocin because everything was pointing towards this was happening but once I stopped dilating and since I was not 37 weeks yet (technically still pre term) that it would be best to not continue the pitocin which we agreed with. We want him here so badly but I know that if he's not ready that we shouldn't be pushing it. 

After 12 hours in the hospital, the only things we left with were empty stomachs and a wristband to show for it. Sadly, no little guy :(. My contractions continued through the weekend but have improved and are not as consistent. We were hoping he would make his appearance but it looks like he's just playing games with us!!
We wish more than ever that he were here now that we got our hopes up. I know it will be any day now but it's not soon enough. Come on little guy... we're ready for you!

Well, I guess there is one good thing that came out of this experience..
Our hospital bags are packed and the car seat is ready


  1. I was checking Facebook constantly for updates! He'll be here soon enough, though I can imagine how hard it must have been to leave the hospital with no baby.

  2. What a little tease! At least you're all prepared now after his practice run!!

  3. We've been wondering what was going on! Thanks for sharing! Looks like Bentley is going to be a little trickster :)