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Our Little Angel

Yay!!! We are so incredibly excited (which is a huge understatement) to be having our first baby!! :) It has been such a surreal experience, I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around what is actually happening. Could this be for real!? I am now 20 weeks along and am doing so great! Great to the extent that I don't even feel like I have a little angel growing inside of me!!! Once we found out I was pregnant, I was expecting this horrible ordeal since that is all I hear about the first trimester but honestly, it has been amazing!!

Okay, here are THE DETAILS. I am more or less writing this so I can remember everything so besides for my mom, it's probably not very interesting and it might be TMI and it is pretty much a novel... just a heads up!! :)

I got off of birth control in February of last year. We had been trying for about 7 months (Feb-Sept) by the time I decided to go in and see a doctor. Between the 7 months that I had been off of birth control I had only had 2 periods so we knew I wasn't ovulating which was making it way harder for us to get pregnant. I had found a doctor that I had liked and after doing all of the routine checks and everything looking normal she decided to put me on Clomid which was the first step to determine if it was just an ovulation problem or something more serious. I was given a calendar that showed me exactly what I needed to do each day for a month starting off with a 5 day dose of Clomid that I took from October 4-9. Starting October 8-14th I was to wear and Estrogen patch on my stomach, between October 12-18 were our date nights ;) (haha sorry!), October 19-28 start using progesterone cream (if you are pregnant then you continue using this cream until the baby is 10 weeks), and then October 28 & 29 is the much anticipated pregnancy tests!

We followed the calendar to a T and on the 29th we were getting ready to leave our apartment for the Trunk-Or-Treat so I took the pregnancy test and... it was positive!!! At this point I had gotten so used to taking pregnancy tests and them being negative that I honestly had forgotten about it! It wasn't until about 15 minutes later it dawned on me... maybe you should check! When I looked at it I was COMPLETELY in shock. Brady was studying at the time so all I did was walk over and set it on the table where he was to see what he said. I waited, and waited and all I heard was nothing! Needless to say, Brady was in shock too :). Both of us had thought for sure it wouldn't have happened so soon! I called my doctor the following Monday to let them know the test results were positive and they were so surprised that it happened so quick. I guess they've never had a patient get pregnant off of their first dose of Clomid! I know that this angel was supposed to come into our family at this time and we are so incredibly grateful for this miracle.

At the time we found out I think I was 3 1/2 weeks along (technically the baby only 1 1/2) so we were still very early. The only symptoms I had was light cramping and bloating which I had also noticed with the progesterone cream that I was on. I met with my Dr. when I was a couple days shy of 6 weeks and she was worried that my cramping seemed to be getting worse so she sent me out to do an emergency ultrasound to see if I was having a miscarriage. Brady wasn't able to be there with me for this appointment since he was in school and lets just say I was completely having a melt down. At this point neither of our families knew and I was just a wreck. I was SO nervous that we could have lost the baby! The ultrasound tech was so sweet and comforting, exactly what I had needed. She had told me that since I was so early that we might not be able to see much yet but boy was I surprised! I wish I had taken a picture but we saw a vertical line (the baby) and inside was a little flicker that was the most reassuring thing ... the heart beat!! My Dr. had me take a couple of days off of work to relax and see if the cramping stopped and within the next week it had.

At 6 weeks the nausea hit. It definitely was present but very manageable. The worst of it was from 6-8 1/2 weeks but if I was consistent on having something in my stomach it was not bad. To this day I have only thrown up once which I think could have been prevented (I had over heated) and am SO grateful!! I don't know how I got so lucky but I feel very very blessed. These weeks were when I gained most of my first trimester weight... since I was pretty much a human garbage disposal!

We made the decision to not tell our families until we went up for Thanksgiving when I was about 8 weeks along since we wanted to be there when we told them. It was the hardest thing ever, especially when your on the phone and they ask, "Anything new going on?" (Us thinking) "Oh ya know, we're just having a baby but no big deal!!!" But I'm so glad we waited! It was worth it to see their expressions and excitement in person, I wouldn't have done it any other way!

We decided to announce our special news to each family when we were doing Thanksgiving dinner and even having to wait until then felt like a lifetime! Everyone kept on asking and asking us if we were trying! We had to put our best game faces on for a few hours :). We told Brady's family first. What was hard was we were having to leave before they even started eating so getting so many people together in one space without it being noticeable was tricky but Brady's sister set it right up for us! Our nieces wanted to show us their dance so we all filed to the basement to watch. The only problem was Brady's parents decided that they had to stay up in the kitchen to keep on cooking... not part of the plan! Both of us are panicking and Brady goes up to his parents and tells them that they HAVE to come downstairs. His mom is a bit more cooperative but his dad, gosh it was hard! After his dad telling us he won't come down, Brady says "Jamie and I have a present for you guys"... that got them movin! We watch our nieces dance and at the end Brady goes into our room and grabs "The Box". What is inside the box? Well... we hand it to them and this is what they see

The cutest pair of baby shoes ever! When I saw these I had to have them, even if our baby is born in the summer :)

Everyone was so excited and started screaming. We were so relieved to finally be able to talk about it!!! It was such an amazing moment. We stayed a while to talk with everyone and then we were off to family number 2... my mom!

I don't think I can EVER let my mom live this one down, it was just too funny! The two nights before we left to Utah I hadn't been sleeping well at all and we got into town around midnight the morning of Thanksgiving and didn't get to bed until about 3 a.m. so I'll give it to my mom... I was looking pretty bad! I went over Thanksgiving morning to help her prepare for dinner and she looks at me and says, "Are you feeling okay " "Are you sure you are not pregnant?" "You are looking really bad!" "You kind of look like you have the life sucked out of you" "If this is how you look when your pregnant it is going to be REALLY bad!". OH gosh. If she had only known! It was so hard to not just say "Yes mom, I do kind of have the life being sucked out of me" but I wanted to wait until the rest of the family was there to spill the beans. :) Once we went back over to my mom's house for dinner we waited until my brother and his wife arrived after dinner to give my mom "The Box". It was a bit more in character at her house since her birthday was the week before so I had told her it was her present! When she opened it she pulled them out and it took her a few seconds to process... baby shoes? She looks at me and asks "Are you?" and we all start bawling! I think the hardest was for me to not tell my mom since I am so close with her and she knew how much it was something I had been wanting. It was perfect. :)

We brought my brother along with us to tell my dad. Once he opened "The Box" he grabbed the shoes and held them to his feet- too small! All he could say was "Hey, those would look good on a mantle!". Haha, oh my dad! It took him a little while to realize they are not for just any baby but our baby. He was so excited!!

From the 9th week to the end of my first trimester everything went great. The only difference I have noticed has been my appetite as well as my ever growing butt... it is kind of out of control.

Brady and I are so excited for this new chapter in our lives. It has been something that we have talked about from our dating days at the watertower, talking about what we want from our future families and wondering if I should say "Our Kids" or just "my kids". I am so happy to say that dream is finally coming true! Families have always been such a huge focus for me, especially these last few months and I'm so grateful that we are given the opportunity to bring our sweet little angel into this world.


  1. It's very exciting!! Hope everything goes wonderfully easily!

  2. I'm so happy for you guys! And so glad that you haven't had to deal with too much morning sickness! That makes it a whole lot easier! Hopefully the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!

  3. that's so fun, i'm so glad you shared your story.. it makes me feel better about not getting pregnant right away the second time around hahaha. ya for clomid! maybe i should go get me some! congratulations hon, sooo excited for you and so glad you kept it a secret and had it revealed just the way you wanted. congrats!!!!!!!!

  4. We are so excited for you two! Babies are such miracles and blessings!

  5. WooHoo baby, couldn't be more excited for you! :)

  6. Jamie I had no idea about all of this but I am SO EXCITED for you!! I can't wait to introduce our little men next time you are in town!! I hope everything continues to go smooth!! Love you!! Xoxo!

  7. Didn't know all of this!! So happy for you guys that it all worked out and your little man is here and soooo stinkin cute.