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EngiNes roLling-

This is Kent

He is the best firefighter EVER, he's married to my mom, and today is his birthday!!

Kent has been married to my mom for just over 11 years.

I remember the first time I met Kent, it was at a basketball game at UVU (UVSC at the time) I don't remember much... except that he bought me a churro.

I liked him instantly.

A trait that I learned Kent had early on was patience.

Every time I was over at their house I would leave the front door open and more often than not leave every light on. I think it took a lot for

Kent to not go absolutely insane everytime I came over. Thanks for not going insane Kent!! :)

On one of our Mexico trips, Kent and I

went Para sailing... it was


He was the only one who was brave enough to go with me :)

When we moved out here, Kent was so nice and offered to drive down the rental truck for us while we drove down our other car. What would we have done without him!

On our way down the tire blew and we had to get it changed out.

Thank goodness Kent was there becauseI think I would have probably had a melt down if it weren't for him.

Kent and my mom are absolutely perfect for each

other and what makes me love him even more is how well he treats

my mom. I know that while we are away on our

*extended vacation*

Kent will take the absolute BEST care of her.

One thing I have realized from moving away is how much you take

for granted the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Kent has done SO much to help me through out my life and I cannot

thank him enough for his influence on me.

Happy Birthday Kent, we love you so much!!



  1. That is a really sweet post. I would love to be able to think of things to post like that about Steve ;) ha ha. He is just as blessed to have your family in his life as well, you all are awesome people.

  2. Oh Jamie, Kent and I just read this . . . He loves you too and misses you leaving lights on everywhere! I agree, he is a great guy, a perfect husband for me, and the best step dad for you!

  3. What a great post! I will agree that Kent is the best!!