We're back! For those of you who have been following along with us for a while, you probably noticed we took a little {okay huge} break from blogging and social media. After Brady graduated from Dental School, so much happened with us moving, to Brady starting his career and us all trying to transition into a non student life that I really felt it was necessary to just take a break and focus on us. Now that we're finally settled and Bentley is officially in Preschool #wheredidmybabygo!!!!, I have a little bit more time on my hands. I'm finally at a place where I feel that I can fully get back into blogging while still not taking too much time away from my babies. After all, they are and always will be my first priority! With that, I have so much to share with you girls! You can see more of what we're up to on our Instagram! So much has happened with us but we'll get more into that later. Today, I wanted to share our experience with the Owlet Baby Care monitor. 

Beautiful photography by the amazing Kathleen Peachey

As a parent, our babies safety is always our top priority. The Owlet Baby Care monitor offers the piece of mind all parents have been waiting for. 

What it is: The Owlet Baby Care monitor is a sock that is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. The Owlet monitor is created with the same technology hospitals use called pulse oximetry to monitor their heart rate and oxygen levels. If their levels dip too low, an alarm will sound on the base station as well as your phone alerting you of their situation. 

The Owlet Baby Care includes 3 sock sizes so babies big and small can benefit from their product. Each sock is crafted so the electronics can be interchanged as your baby grows through each sock size.

The sock is so comfortable and can be worn all day regardless if they are sleeping or awake. But, the real benefit of the monitor is while they are asleep. When they are awake and moving, the monitor won't read their levels and you will see "Finley (your baby) is wiggling!" but once they are asleep, you will be able to read their levels from the Owlet app on your phone.

We keep our base station on my nightstand, close to where Finley sleeps in our room. The base station will glow a cool green if her levels are normal, yellow if the monitor is unable to read her levels (typically due to improper sock placement), and red + a sounding alarm if her levels are dangerously low. To this day we've never had a yellow or red alarm (thank goodness) but what a comfort it has been for us to know that we could possibly prevent an issue that would otherwise go unnoticed if we weren't present in the room at the time. 

We have been using the Owlet Baby Care monitor since Finley was born and it has been such a piece of mind for me! I love that I can lay Finley down for a nap upstairs while the boys and I are downstairs playing and I know that she is okay with just a touch of the app to check her levels. 

It should come as no surprise that I am a sucker for all things baby. The Owlet Baby Care monitor is without a doubt in my top 5 favorite baby items... like ever. That's big you guys! It has become a necessity for us in our home and is the perfect product for new and experienced parents alike.

The amazing team at Owlet is being so generous and is offering our readers $25 off the Owlet Baby Care monitor! YAY! This is an amazing deal you guys! You really need to get your hands on this. To get the Owlet for $25 off use this link:

Happy and safe sleeping from us to you! 

xoxo Jamie


  1. Have been following Owlet ever since they came out with the news of the product, mostly because I have had two premies so this piece of mind is in my opinion, even more necessary after coming home from the NICU (and the existing competitor products are more sensitive and can go off really loud whenever baby is removed from the mats). So here's the question most NICU moms will want to know, is the sock machine washable and how often does it begin to stink and need a wash? In the NICU, the wrap around their foot to measure heart rate is the first thing to "stink" up and boy does it stink up. We normally changed it every 3-4 days but it was pretty putrid.

  2. Beautiful photos! Glad you're back!